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February 3, 2011

With the Super Bowl right around the corner one word will be filtering through the minds of many a sportsfan over and over, BEER! The masses will be trying to drown themselves with as much beer as they can get their Dorito- dusted fingers on. I mean, c’mon, that’s what the regular season was about. This is a game between the two best teams that football has to offer, it should be taken in with an equally fitting brew.

Here are my top 5 Super Bowl Beers:

1. Maui Brewing Co’s   Coconut Porter  

This Porter tastes exactly how it sounds and has grown to be my favorite beer! Over the past few years I’ve grown more and more addicted to Coconut water and when I saw they had their own porter I had to have it. These lil’ darlngs are hard to find, so whenever you see them, jump on them. The only thing going against them is the price, but hey its the Super Bowl, this is no time to hold back.

2. Grand Cru Rodenbach

SOUR BEER!! Unlike the Coconut Porter, you will have no idea what this will taste like until your first sip. The sourness will undoubtedly throw you off guard and might intimidate you,but don’t be a-scared it isn’t till your second sip that you truly understand what a sour beer is all about. It comes in a large wine-shaped bottle and is only reserved for the most  jovial of occasions and, like the Porter, they are very hard to find. You’re nobody until this is a mainstay at your personal bar. Pucker up.

3. Port Brewin Co   Shark Bite Red Ale

I will admit the first time I tried Shark Bite my expectations were very low. At first, upon my order I  thought I might have been duped by the annoyingly clever name and picked it as I would a horse at the tracks. By the first pull I was hooked. Didn’t think I would ever welcome a shark attack.

4. Dogfish Brewing Co.   90 Minute IPA

The IPA is my favorite style of beer, it was not easy picking a clear cut favorite in this bunch, but the 90 Minute IPA rose above the competition. The first thing I noticed about this beer was its rust-colored bubbles and this was the sole attribute that lured me in. The drink was the perfect mix of spicy hops and even a taste of light caramel. But do not be fooled, there is nothing light about this drink at all, with its 9.0% ABV.

5. Samuel Smith’s    Oatmeal Stout 

The last craft beer is a stout and like the Super Bowl it should be taken with copious amounts of food. I personally recommend a turkey leg sandwich with spicy gravy and a appetizer of bacon. This stout was originally considered nutritional and “prescribed” to nursing mothers. Don’t you miss the good old days? My favorite part about it is the roasted-coffee aroma that radiates from this drink. Make sure to save some of this brew for after the meal and after the game and try it by itself, it doesn’t need any help.

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