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the chocolate post

February 9, 2011

So, you hear a lot this time of year of the trendiest and tastiest chocolates for guys to buy their girlfriends/wives.  But, this post is actually about chocolates for guys.  Even if you’re anti- Valentine’s you have to admit that it will make anyone’s day getting a nice chocolate treat.  So, if you’re looking for that chocolate that is just slightly more special than normal, look no further…

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1. Fran’s Chocolates Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels

This is the company’s best seller.  It has won awards and definitely a place in Ian’s heart.  I got him a sampler of these chocolates on our first Valentine’s Day together and since then he’s been obsessed with anything rocking the combo of salt, caramel and chocolate.  If you haven’t tried this trend yet, this is the perfect opportunity.  Gift your significant other with this 25- piece combo and I’m sure they will be willing to share!

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2. Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar by Vosges Haute Chocolat

Now, I don’t know about your guy but mine is obsessed with bacon.  He would gladly eat it by itself, and has, as an appetizer in Brooklyn.  So, when I saw this chocolate over Christmas I had to get it for him as a stocking stuffer.  The Applewood Bacon flavor is more subtle than you would think and I think even a less passionate bacon fan would enjoy this as a treat.  There are so many other flavors that look amazing, with flavors from around the world.  Luckily, with their six bar mix-n-match offer you don’t have to miss out on many.  You can go from flavors including peanut butter or toffee to the more exotic ones that have wasabi, curry or chillies.

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3.  Chocolove Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate

Now, any of these chocolate are just perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Each one includes a love poem inside, how adorable is that?  (ahem, I mean manly, totally manly)  This flavor reminds me of my favorite treats from working at La Patisseries des Anglaises, chocolate covered espresso beans.  Every bite contains little bits of roasted coffee beans.  And, if your boyfriend is like Ian and pounds his morning java and then several cups throughout the day, they’ll get pretty excited to hear every 30g of chocolate has the equivalent of one cup of coffee.

Best of luck!


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