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Sunday Prep

February 21, 2011

So, when Sunday comes around I like to  get some cooking done for things that I will be using often through the week.  This makes healthy decisions a lot easier, especially when time becomes an issue.  In addition to what you see above I also like to cut a lot of veggies and make a fruit salad.  The new recipes this week our courtesy of the blog Oh She Glows.  I adapted them to be gluten- free and will share them with you as I use them.

1. Double Down Brownie Bites-a more natural dessert choice chock full of things like coconut oil, oatmeal, flax, and molasses

2. Flax seed- It’s best nutritionally to grind this as you use it instead of buying pre- ground.  I throw this in smoothies, use it instead of eggs in baked goods, toss it in oatmeal or cereal.  It’s full of fiber and healthy omega-3’s

3. Ground Coffee-  I buy organic coffee beans in bulk and store it in the freezer.  I don’t like a lot keeping me from my morning cup so I grind enough to last me the work week and keep it out on the counter

4. Car Snacks- I restock the car with quick snack options like fruit leathers and protein bars.  These aren’t my ideal meal choice but when I’m really in a bind and famished, these are a healthier and less expensive option than stopping somewhere en route

5. Seeded crackers-  This is another adapted recipe full of chia seeds, pepitas, oatmeal and spices.  I flavored these mexican- style so I can put them on top of heartier salads with beans, guacamole, cheese and more.  The bulk of these are poppy seeds, which is a cheap and flavorful option.

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